Giới Thiệu

Our resilient business started up in 1994, Sino has provided more than 22 years of technology expertise, leadership and innovation. A market leader respected for innovation and reliability, Sino Corporation offers a complete end-to-end solution — from mobile computers and barcode scanners to specialty printers, RFID, software and services that give significantly improvement of enterprise performance, enable greater productivity and enrich operational intelligence with data-driven insights. With broad range of products from leading manufactures on the world, Sino can fully serves customers in all industries: government, electronics, automotive, garment, field service, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, power and utilities, medical, retail, supply chain, FMCG, constructions and transportation markets.

And we're proud to be the best partners of world’s leading supplier:  HONEYWELL, ZEBRA, MICROSCAN, SAM4S, ARMOR, CIPHERLAB ... By integrating our solutions and services into our partners' premier products and systems, our customers enjoy an unsurpassed level of interoperability, performance and return on investment.

With management system applied ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV. Sino Corporation is the unique company on VN market has been certified to supply the global warranty for our alliance partners.